Sutton Heritage Schools Programme


Step back in time and give your students an unforgettable insight into the history of their local area with an educational visit to Whitehall Historic House or Honeywood Museum. 

Learn about everyday life in Tudor Cheam at Whitehall or the history of Victorian Carshalton at Honeywood as you explore our fascinating galleries and engage in hands-on activities.


Half-day sessions available at Whitehall Historic House:

Changing Cheam (KS1)

Tudor Times (KS2)


Half-day sessions available at Honeywood Museum:

Toys and Childhood (KS1)

Carshalton in the Past (KS1)

Victorian Carshalton (KS2)


For more information about these sessions or if you are interested in sessions outside of this scope, please email:

[email protected] or [email protected]