Welcome to the Virtual Museum!


Enhance your class’ learning experience with a digital visit to Whitehall Historic House. Our virtual museum sessions give teachers and pupils the opportunity to experience our historic houses, collections and archives from the comfort of their own classrooms. 

Embark on a journey back in time with our expert facilitators as we explore history through videos from the house, discussion points, quizzes and classroom activities. 


Planned and delivered by our Schools Officer, an experienced class teacher, our ‘Virtual Museum Packs’ include:

* A 20-25 minute virtual schools session video, 

* A variety of differentiated activities to complete in the classroom  

* A teacher pack. 


All sessions are tailored to the 2014 National Curriculum and can be used to support a variety of different units including the study of the history of the local area and Cheam’s rich Tudor history. Each session is based on a different historical enquiry and supports pupils in their understanding of historical concepts such as continuity and change, causes and consequences and similarities and differences and encourages them to make connections, draw contrasts and devise their own questions about the past. 


The following ‘Virtual Museum Packs’ are now available to watch here.

Session 1: Would you want to eat like a Tudor Peasant? (Key Stage 2)



Session 2:  Would you want to eat like a Tudor Nobleman?  (Key Stage 2)



Session 3: Would you want to get ill in Tudor Cheam?  (Key Stage 2)



Session 4: Would you want to spend the day as a Tudor Peasant?  (Key Stage 2)



Session 5 : What was so special about Nonsuch Palace?  (Key Stage 2)



Session 6: What can Primary Sources tell us about Tudor Cheam?  (Upper Key Stage 2)



Session 7: Who lived at Whitehall and what was their home like? (Key Stage 1) 



Session 8: How can we tell what Cheam was like 120 years ago if no-one is alive to tell us? (Key Stage 1) 



Session 9: Who lived at Whitehall in the past and what do we know about them? (Key Stage 2).




We are currently offering our Virtual Museum packs (video, classroom activities and teacher pack) for FREE. 

For further information or to request a digital pack please contact [email protected]