The Lido - Review

Mon 21-Nov-22

The Lido - Book Review

by Sutton Council's Cultural Services staff


Book Review: The Lido - Libby Page


Title: The Lido

Author: Libby Page

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Several members of the team within Sutton Cultural Services read The Lido by Libby Page. The group were inspired to share their views, as written below.


I really liked the book. It was good to read a different genre, as I usually read historical fiction and crime fiction. But it was nice to read a general fiction book for a change. -Mark


I found the Lido a very uplifting read. I recognized Kate's feeling of loneliness in a big city and it was wonderful to learn how the friendship developed between her and Rosemary; there was such a strong connection between different generations. The Lido itself is really one of the main characters and it made me long to get back to swimming. The community spirit that the threat of its closure inspired was heartwarming. -Drifa


I found the book to portray a multi-generational friendship perfectly by highlighting the loneliness they both felt. It really captured the community spirit behind The Lido, and what it meant to the local area and people. -Katie

I enjoyed the dynamic of the two lead characters and what they brought to each other’s generation. I found it both moving and uplifting in equal measure and the setting made it unusual and interesting. -Susan


Found this an enjoyable heart warming read. I thought the friendship of the two main characters was very sweet and I also liked how Brixton, it's community and the lido played a central part in the story. -Dhana




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