The Discovery Platform - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Fri 3/Mar/23

The Discovery Platform - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the Discovery platform?

The Discovery platform is a site built to meet our customer needs in book and content reservation, and library account management. Visitors can search, find and reserve library books with ease. It is also the central website for Sutton Council's Cultural Services, providing information about Sutton’s libraries and heritage houses.  


Why have you changed the website?

The previous website had been in place for many, many years and the time had come for a refresh. Technology and society has moved on a lot in recent years, and it’s normal for organisations to update their websites over time. The Discovery platform (the current digital service) has faster searching, better accessibility features for those who rely on them, and a look and feel that people today can easily recognise and use. We encourage you to try it out, and you’ll find all the things you could do before very easily.


When does the Discovery platform open?

The platform is open right now and can be accessed at this web address [].


Do I need to register to use the platform?

The platform can be browsed as a guest. However, Cultural Services Members are able to access many more features by logging in with their Cultural Services Number & PIN.


How do I become a Cultural Services Member and get a number & PIN?

A Cultural Services Number & PIN is the same as a library card number & PIN. So if you have already registered with a Sutton library or heritage house, you’re already a Cultural Services Member and can sign in those details.


If you haven’t already got one, you can join for free through at this web address []. Alternatively, go to the website home page, press ‘Account’ and then ‘Join’. Once you complete the registration form you’ll receive your Cultural Services Number.


If you can’t remember, or have misplaced your Cultural Services Number & PIN, send us a message via the Contact Us feature using the email address you signed up with for assistance.


Do I need to transfer my information from the former service to the Discovery platform?

No, your details and book reservation history has been transferred automatically.


Will I still be able to use the former service?

During the launch of the Discovery platform, yes it will still be possible to use the former service. However, the former service will be gradually reduced over a period of months as everyone transitions to the Discovery platform. The dates of changes will be shared over time on our social media channels. Please follow us on Facebook (@SuttonLibrariesLondon), Twitter (@SuttonLibraries) and Instagram (@SuttonLibrariesLondon) for more information.


How do I do something on the Discovery platform?

We encourage you to try it out for yourself! The platform is very friendly and easy to use, and you’ll probably find what you want all by yourself. Otherwise please send us a message via the Contact Us feature.