Meet The Artist: Caroline Warwick

Fri 3/Mar/23

Meet The Artist: Caroline Warwick


Sutton Council's Cultural Services have partnered with Carshalton Artists to deliver 'Water', an exhibition of new and inspiring water-themed artworks by local artists. An exciting collection of work will be displayed including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, model making, ceramics and photography.


In this blog, we talk to Caroline Warwick, who is part of Carshalton Artists, about who she is and what inspired her exhibition piece.


Visit the Water Exhibition at Honeywood Museum. Thursday to Saturday, 10am - 5pm, until 23 July 2022.




Carshalton Artists Water Exhibition - painting of docked boats by a body of water Carshalton Artists Water Exhibition - painting of a woman walking away on a pier Carshalton Artists Water Exhibition - painting of a goldfish swimming through water

Carshalton Artists, Water Exhibition at Honeywood Museum


Introduce yourself, tell us about yourself?

I'm Caroline Warwick, also known as Carrie the potter. I started pottery classes over 20 years ago at Sutton College and was soon well and truly hooked!  I did a BTEC in Ceramics at the College in 2009 and continue to take classes as there's always something new to learn. I work out of my studio in our loft conversion in Carshalton where we have lived for almost 40 years. I work mainly on the wheel, throwing functional pieces from porcelain and white stoneware.


What was their inspiration for your piece?

My original inspiration was for a fish bowl, it was to be a large bowl in an azure blue glaze with fish and reeds decoration, using my handmade stamps, also made out of clay. It was to look as if there were fish in the bowl.  Unfortunately, something went wrong with the clay I used for this piece and the first attempt came out of the glaze firing with a huge spiral crack around it. So, I made another one, refined the design and decided not to use a darker slip around the rim. That one also came out of the kiln with a spiral crack. I've lost other pieces due to this and have now changed the clay to avoid any further problems as I suspect there was some contamination in the clay.  It's very frustrating to get to the final stage, having thrown, trimmed, bisque fired, decorated and glazed a piece, to have it fail but that's why potters talk so much about the 'kiln gods'.  There is a lot of skill and knowledge needed, but sometimes the kiln gods just won't play ball!  With time running out I used the same technique to produce a small, porcelain tealight holder.  When lit the fishes can be seen glowing through the translucent porcelain.


Fish Tea Lights Before Decoration Fish Tea Lights Caroline Warwick Fish Tea Lights in the Water Exhibition


Tell us about being a part of Carshalton Artists?

I'm one of the original artists who participated in the first CAOS in 2017 and it's been wonderful to see its popularity grow over the years, despite two years' lockdown.  As a potter, working alone in my studio, it's lovely to meet and be inspired by other Carshalton Artists.  The 'arty drinks' are a popular way of meeting up informally to learn what people are doing and learning about workshops and the activities, workshops and classes some of the artists are offering. I'm proud to be living in Carshalton with such a vibrant, creative and supportive community.


What do you enjoy about displaying your work at Honeywood Museum?

I've always loved Honeywood Museum, it is such a delightful building in an ideal setting by the ponds. I took my boys there when they were little and will soon be taking my granddaughter.  It's such an intimate space and the garden is lovely. The current management have done lots to increase visitor numbers and I have really enjoyed both displaying my work there, participating in the craft fair last summer and visiting the exhibitions, as well as attending one or two very informative talks on local history.  All this on my doorstep, how lucky is that?!




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