Exhibition Spotlight: Crafting a Village

Mon 21-Nov-22

Exhibition Spotlight: Crafting a Village


Crafting a Village is an exciting exhibition of inspirational model houses and buildings, created from mixed media, clay, card and textiles and turned into a model village by Sutton South Hello, the award-winning community group for older people.


In this blog we talk to Sutton South Hello about who they are and what inspired their 'Crafting a Village' Exhibition at Honeywood Museum.


See Crafting a Village every Thursday to Saturday 10am - 5pm, until 30 October 2021.




Who are Sutton South Hello?

Sutton South Hello is a community group for the over 50s, run by volunteers. Our aim is to create a warm and friendly atmosphere where people can meet others and have an enjoyable afternoon. We have a social club and an arts & crafts club.


Crafting a Village at Honeywood Museum  Crafting a Village Exhibition at Honeywood Museum  Crafting a Village Exhibition at Honeywood Museum


What inspired the Crafting a Village Exhibition?

Since Sutton South Hello started 8 years ago we have always worked on collaborative projects and ones that demonstrate the different skills in our group. Two of our members suggested a model village. We thought about it and asked advice from a local artist who helped us devise a plan for the village. We then held sessions making cottages out of different materials; decorated them and put them on the village layout. Trees of shredded scouring pads, people made of plastic from a 3D printer, roads of dried lentils followed.


Crafting a Village at Honeywood Museum


What can people expect from the exhibition?

People can have lots of fun identifying what various parts of the village are made of. Everyone can enjoy imagining the history and inhabitants of the village; or thinking of ideas and templates for making cottages. 






Exhibits like this have been made possible thanks to support by the Mayor of London's Culture Seeds fund.


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