Exhibition Spotlight: Art Against Domestic Violence

Fri 3/Mar/23

Exhibition Spotlight: Art Against Domestic Violence


The Art Against Domestic Violence Exhibition features an assortment of artistic creations completed by local women who attended Art for Wellbeing sessions delivered by Anna Virabyan from Intuit Art at Sutton Women's Centre. 


The exhibition is dedicated to the White Ribbon Campaign the largest global initiative to end male violence against women by calling on men to take action to make a difference & 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence.


In this blog, we talk to Anna Virabyan from Intuit Art about who she is and what inspired the 'Art Against Domestic Violence Exhibition.


Visit the Art Against Domestic Violence exhibition at Honeywood Museum. On display Thursday to Saturday, 10am - 5pm, until 11 December 2021.


Who is Intuit Art?

Intuit Art is the creative name encompassing all of the artistic services I provide. I collaborate with different organisations to celebrate and encourage people and build wellness through diverse therapeutic artistic activities using different art mediums such as watercolours, acrylic and charcoal, etc. My unique approach helps students develop an aesthetic appreciation of art whilst enabling them to create functional portfolios of their artworks.


Anna Virabyan stood in front of five artworks of coastlines 



What inspired the Art Against Domestic Violence exhibition?

As a survivor of domestic violence, I have firsthand experience and fully understand the benefits which can be gained by expressing and releasing emotion in a creative way. I am keen to help and support people by providing the opportunity for everyone to benefit from this therapeutic process irrespective of their artistic abilities and have been inspired by the dedication of all who have attended my recent Art for Wellbeing sessions.  I believe that the focus and strength in each piece is gained through the actual creative process rather than from the finished result itself and I am proud of each and every person who has attended the sessions to produce emotional and meaningful artwork creations.


  woman stood in front of 3 artworks above a fireplace ledge


What is the goal of the exhibition?

My goal is to raise awareness of Domestic Violence and bring communities together adding value to support people by offering diverse therapeutic artistic activities.


What can people expect to see at your exhibition?

Visitors to the exhibition can look forward to viewing an inspiring collection of artworks symbolising the wide range of emotions felt by local residents who attended my recent Art for Wellbeing sessions.  The many artistic creations are in a variety of styles, symbolising different stages of worry, trauma, anxiety, recovery, optimism and hope, and my wish is that visitors will be inspired by the exhibition and will look into ways in which art can help in so many aspects of life.


artwork of the back of a hand with the index and middle fingers crossed  artwork of two giraffe's touching heads  painting of red flowers placed inside a fishbowl



Have you got any highlights for people to look out for when they visit your exhibition?

Yes, everything is a highlight!  With so many different minds, and such a variety of independently created artworks, no two are the same and there is something exciting and inspiring to be found in all artworks on display.  Artworks are complemented by written comments to help visitors understand the background behind these creations, every picture tells a story.


three pieces of art on a wall, one of a sunset over a body of water, another of a tree in autumn, and the other of a field of flowers before an old house




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Intuit Art would like to thank Sutton Women’s CentreSutton CollegeSutton CouncilSutton Council's Cultural Services and the funders, Arts Network Sutton for making this exhibition possible.


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